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Fuel Systems

​Senior Flexonics – GA Precision has been a world class producer of on and off highway fuel injection components for over 20 years.  We utilize leading edge technology to manufacture Injector Bodies (CR & EUI), Case Nozzles, Injector Tips, Engine Tappets, Adapters, and Nozzle Sleeves for today’s most demanding OEM fuel systems on the market.  Senior Flexonics – GA Precision can provide precision blanks ready for finish machine at your facility or finished assembly ready components packaged and shipped per schedule.  Our Project Managers work with our OEM customers through the APQP process supplying production launches and PPAP’s to meet schedules and keep projects on time.


Demanding burr control is a key component to first test pass rates and reduced field failures at our OEM customers.   Senior Flexonics – GA Precision utilizes the latest in de-burring techniques - from thermal de-burring to  ECM/ECD, rotary bead blasting, abrasive flow,  mechanical and automated de-burring.  Our manufacturing teams utilize these technologies along with microscopes and vision systems to provide our customers with the burr control they need on their products.


Today’s fuel injection systems are running at higher and higher pressures in order to meet the demanding emissions requirements.  This requires not only better surface finishes, but better surface geometry.  At Senior Flexonics – GA Precision we utilize fine grinding, lapping, horizontal and vertical honing, polishing and super finishing processes to achieve these results on external and internal features.  Using these process techniques with the latest form testing equipment allows us to provide components to today’s demanding requirements.

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